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Poppy Woods

Historic Saga Victorian Mystery Family Romance

Poppy Woods

Full Description

Set in Victorian Oxfordshire, when Sidney Woods discovers the tiny new born baby abandoned in a field, it doesn’t take his scheming brain long to weigh up the long term advantages of having a daughter to take care of him and his lazy wife.
While Lady Margaret Hutchinson can once again rest easy knowing that her illegitimate daughter has been dealt with by her scullery maid, Poppy Woods begins a life of misery in the peaceful hamlet of Hurst, on the outskirts of Oxford, believing that she a distant relative of Sidney and that she has been legally adopted. Bullied by her guardians, who show Poppy no love or compassion, it is the Greenfield family who secretly watch over her and try to bring a little happiness into her life. Ella Greenfield becomes like a true and loyal sister to her, while Arthur Greenfield takes on the role of protector. Before long, a young and innocent love between Poppy and Arthur blooms. When a tragic incident occurs in the quiet hamlet, and young love crumbles, Poppy is forced to leave to Oxford City in search of work. But when a mysterious old woman finds the perfect opportunity to come to Poppy’s rescue, taking her under her protective wing, is the past about to catch up with the callous Lady Hutchinson.
How far is Lady Hutchinson prepared to go to keep her past a secret, and how much suffering can Poppy tolerate.
Yearning for a normal life and her true love, it is Poppy’s inner strength and bravery which enhance her determined spirit.

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