Pragmatic Debate: A Bridge Between Worlds

It is widely believed that America is a location comprised of its people but better defined by their ideas. I, however, am of the mindset that we are best valued by the system we use to discuss our ideas. I see no system of communication in modern politics deserving praise. The towns, cities, and states that make up our nation are used daily as divisive electoral battlegrounds. No matter the candidate’s party, they all are subject to the same underhanded political practices that are viewed as part of the job.
Pragmatic Debate is a think-piece describing a template for communication. Comprising of around 6,000 words, it expresses non-partisan values I find to be frustratingly missing in our current political atmosphere. These values focus on how an individual can better the entire political field by an internal change. We observe some unspoken rules today in our very public lives, but it seems that nothing is off the table in modern politics. On televised debates, we hear candidates bicker, insult, and be obstinant while we suffer as a nation. It’s time for a universal change in our political mindset, regardless of party or ideology. That change will be rooted in pragmatic values.

This is my first E-book and first attempt at writing professionally about politics. I really hope those who read my writing will at least gain a different perspective. As a matter of principle, I am entirely open to criticism and would love to hear what people think about my writing.