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PREPARE! PUBLISH! PROMOTE! Book 1: Producing Books for Growing Sales!


Full Description

Success as a writer is spelled $$$$…

This book is designed to help new nonfiction authors write the kinds of books that will sell easily. It always has the prospective reader in mind, even before the fist word is written. This volume is Book 1 of a three-part series focused on the independent or self-published author. It covers the selection of a profitable niche, subject, and title. It includes research tips, techniques for organizing your material, hacks for greater productivity, and a template for writing interesting chapters. Throughout the book, other sources are recommended for further study or tools that will make you more productive. Yes, the book is short, but it is filled with great ideas to make your writing pay!

In PREPARE PUBLISH PROMOTE Book 1: Producing Books for Growing Sales you will learn:

  • How to select a profitable niche for writing your next book
  • How to select a title and subtitle that will captivate book buyers
  • Tools and techniques for researching keywords both for selecting a niche and evaluating potential content
  • Tips for planning the foundation and shape that your book will have
  • Writing tips and templates that will help you write powerful, interesting chapters
  • Strategies for improving your personal productivity
  • How to select and utilize a virtual assistant for research, writing assignments, editing, and other tasks
  • How to choose the best size of your book for maximum profits.
    The first step in having growing sales is having a growing quality in your books!
    Your writing should become better over time. That doesn’t happen automatically, however. You should chart a course of study that focuses on your weakest abilities or skills. For the longer term, the most profitable books will always be written by the most prepared writers. This book is a basic step in that direction.

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