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Re-Scent from Heaven (Book 5)

Once again, the dance waited, just around the corner, over the hill…

Re-Scent from Heaven (Book 5)

Full Description

A faint memory, waiting patiently out of sight, sighed in the hidden depths of the dark cupboard. Relegated again to disuse, the arrowhead lay peacefully cocooned within the darkness of the red velvet box.
For nine years, the torn heart, which beat in unison with the ancient metal, lay in shreds. Evan locked himself away, refusing to lose hope yet knowing there was none. The seasons came and went, and she became no more than a picture tucked away in yet another dusty old drawer.
The jasmine, even with tender loving care, refused to flower. However, deep within the earth beneath the vine, the ancient ones awoke. The birthday approached and the blood, spilled centuries before, oozed into the spindly roots, igniting fresh growth.
Shortly before the twins’ ninth birthday, the jasmine vine erupts from the earth, bringing disruption to the peaceful life at Jasmina. Across country, the arrowhead awakens, and passion runs rife when Evan and Georgie attempt to rekindle their love. Life’s usual quirks complicate the situation for Georgie who now has two boisterous boys in tow, and along with Tom Johnson’s latest scheme to throw the Adams family into a whirlwind of confusion, nothing is ever as simple as it seems.

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