Rebecca Steele Chasing a Dream

Rebecca Steele reminds and inspires us to keep believing. Her military romance touches on all levels of love and proves that the force of true love withstands all time and circumstance.

A free-spirited young woman who rebels against tradition, Becky is a bit of wild child who seeks adventure and romance. She ultimately endures a series of unexpected wake-up calls as she relentlessly pursues her own idealistic dreams of  finding love. As she learns from her many disappointments and defeats, she is able to develop new insights which allow her to be in the right place at the right time for true love to be hers.

Follow Becky’s story where an ironic twist of fate brings to her the love that she has been waiting for. Her dream comes true as she learns that the power of love itself will bring two kindred souls together. Sometimes no matter how hard we search for it, love in the end finds us.