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Redemption Of Evil.

Lucien Nash has a secret.

Redemption Of Evil.

Full Description

Lucien Nash has a secret. He has been running a bookstore in old Boston for a long time. Lucien just happens to be the The Devil. His real name is Lucifer and he has been hiding out in Boston for more than four hundred years.
Lucien has a friend Skylin to help him along and things are good until an Angel sacrifices herself to give Lucien a gift. This gift turns out to be a baby. Why anyone would give him a baby is unknowable.
Lucien is in for a ride because the Hound of Heaven, Rastiel, is after him and he doesn’t know why. Once word gets out everyone is after him angel and demon alike. Watch him scramble to find out why this particular child is so important. He gets caught up in the oldest conspiracy in the world.

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