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Revelations Incorporated

Workplace Wisdom for the 21st Century

Revelations Incorporated

Full Description

Wisdom and Intelligence are not the same thing, and a lack of either one can wreak havoc within a professional’s career.
While universities and training programs give quite a bit of knowledge to professionals to increase their intellectual capacity, too much of that knowledge is merely theoretical in nature, making it difficult to be effective when faced with real-world situations in the workplace. This then is where wisdom comes into play in order to help balance things out. However, wisdom is severely lacking within the workplace these days, causing significant stress and problems for many professionals today.
So, how does a person get more wisdom about the reality of the workplace? By being mentored by the right people. However, in most cases a person will find that mentors are in very short supply these days.
That is where this book can help. No matter if you are a student, a professional with a multi-year career, or just starting out in the workplace, there is plenty for everyone at every level across every industry.
It fills in many gaps that school and university programs do not cover, including workplace bullying, the mentality of Management, being your own advocate, tricks that corporations use on their workers, and much more!
Inside this book you will find out the real truths behind all of the business theory being taught today.

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