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Sabvon World of Valencia series

Welcome to the World of Valencia. A world where magic and gods exist, but belief is a bit hard to come by.

Sabvon     World of Valencia series

Full Description

Set in S.D. Michaels’ World of Valencia, the story follows the misadventures of nine-year-old godling Sabvon, the illicit son of the goddess Adele and the human illusionist and half-hearted con wizard Octavian of Rasdor. Worried that her irascible father Jabaz the Creator will discover her sin, Adele sends Sabvon off to the planet’s surface to live with his father — with the warning that Sabvon can’t use his god powers or tell his father who he really is. Godhood and humanity engage as Sabvon attempts to pass as human and Octavian begins to discover what it really means to be a father.

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