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Salty and the Serpent

Want to meet Cha Cha, Conquistador, Milton and Caveman? Salty and the Serpent

Salty and the Serpent

Full Description

Salty and The Serpent takes readers on a riveting journey into a world where the only thing standing between them and chaos is the men and women that put their lives on the line every day. Showing readers that the heroes they take for granted are working hard to protect them and their vanilla world, this fantastic crime thriller peels back the rose-colored surface of society to reveal the seething underbelly that lies beneath.

Written in a real, non-sugar coated style, Salty and The Serpent shows readers how crimes are really solved, unlike television shows that briskly solve them in forty-five minutes or less. Incorporating realism and excitement into the world of police work, this action-packed story will leave readers breathless as they follow along with Bobby Salter. Twisting and turning as the characters come to life around it, this enthralling novel hooks readers from the very beginning and refuses to let go


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