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SAM: The Cat Without a Tail

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SAM: The Cat Without a Tail

Full Description

Have you met SAM? Child-loved, award winning, SAM: The Cat Without a Tail, published by Blooming Twig Press?
“5 / 5 stars. Fantastic read, engaging, enthralling. A must read. I loved the whole concept of this book, the imagination of the author is brilliant. It’s always quite a feat to introduce a new story and making it believable. Gloria makes it perfect. It is absolutely brilliant!!!. Very entertaining. Great fun.
“This is a great book to teach children not to make fun of others just because they are different. The message behind this book is something to take into account in the education of children today. As a teacher I will advise this book to my students.
“Well written and colorfully illustrated, it has the capability of captivating children. My verdict, very good, excellent read, top class. A MUST READ!!!” THE BOOK CLUB – Books and Literature
Sam: The Cat Without a Tail is a children’s picture book. Sam, the central character, is a Manx cat, and so, sports a soft puff of white fur instead of a tail. This is Sam’s story, his discovery that he is, indeed, different than most cats, his heartbreak over this discovery, and finally, how he resolves these feelings.
More than ever, we need if not an understanding, then certainly a tolerance for diversity. Parents reading this story with their children can use this it as a springboard to talk about how people come in all shapes, sizes and colors, yet each is wonderful and “right” in their own way.
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