SAME OLD, SAME OLD: A Short and Strange Story

WARNING: This work of fiction contains harsh language, blood, scenes of violence and peril.


We all dream of home at the end of a long day. The comfort of our armchair, our spot on the couch, our side of the bed. These are the things we long for after our daily routine is finally done. 

Terry is tired of his routine.

The local children’s center has resorted to begging for handouts, and Terry has become, through no fault of his own, the face of their cause. Everyone who sees his face around the neighborhood knows what he’s after. Once where his work brought him pride, mentoring kids unsure about their future, he now only feels shame. He just wants to get this over with and get back to his own life.

Terry has one last stop: Shady Oaks Apartment Complex. Just in and out, and he can go back to doing his homework, calling his girlfriend, and generally forgetting that this is his job.

Until Terry stumbles onto the scene of a struggle. Possibly the fresh trail of a killer. Maybe even the den of a monster. And a regimen far older than his own, with perhaps the sole purpose of destroying the human race…

From the mind of author B. Sides, SAME OLD, SAME OLD is a tale of terror, a rumination on both mortality and morality, and an eldritch omen of an uncertain future. For fans of weird fiction, Lovecraftian horror, and anyone who unwinds from the daily grind with a good story.