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A Sandman’s Forbidden Love

Two worlds. Two Enemies. Both torn by duty and love, one of light and one of dark. Is true love worth betraying your kind?

A Sandman's Forbidden Love

Full Description

When Sabal’s night of training a rookie Sandman goes terrible wrong, she is saved by a Boogeyman named Sam. He hides her away in the Realm of Nightmares to keep her safe, unknown as to what’s drawn him to save a Sandman in a world where they’re meant to be enemies.
Sam whole world changed in that moment he laid eyes upon Sabal. Her fiery red hair with streaks of gold and wild green eyes with markings of gold and black vines framing her angelic face, he’s struggles with feelings he doesn’t understand.
Torn by duty and love, will they fight for their forbidden love or will they succumb to the Romeo and Juliet tragedy that awaits them? ©2017