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Sea Witch Chronicles

In Beelzebeth we find out everything, from her terrible beginnings, horrific past, and her first appearance in the modern world.

Sea Witch Chronicles

Full Description

Like some ravenous homicidal sadist, Beelzebeth first tunes her wakening murderous skills on lonely vessels, unsuspecting fishing fleets and large ferryboats – Until all Seattle is under siege. As the regions marine life flees Beelzebeth’s overwhelming predatory encroachment, The Sound becomes a dead sea. The stronger she becomes the more she craves her destruction’s on an ever increasing scale. Left unchecked, the five inhabited continents will be pounded with unprecedented hurricanes and endless destructive winds. Freezing cold and devastating draught will become the norm. When humanity flees inland from her incessant disasters, Beelzebeth has yet to play her most dangerous hand–

Unless, three unlikely, ill-fated, terrified, ultra-reluctant souls can, somehow, overcome their own suspicions and personnel mistrust to bond together and solve the riddle of Beelzebeth’s mysterious invincibility. Each will become absolutely dependent on the other’s contribution, or there is no hope, for our survival


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