Self-Actualized by Poker: The Path from Categorical Learning to Free-Thinking Kindle Edition

Your brain is a far, far more powerful computer than any that’s ever been built. And your conscious mental processes—the methods by which you think, acquire, and organize your knowledge—are that computer’s software.

Your mind comes with default software—your instinctual method of thinking—which fails, however, to unlock even a tenth of your full intelligence.

If you’re like most people, your software has never been upgraded—and you’ve ended up feeling unhappy, ineffective, and full of uncertainty, because your method of thinking falls short on the tasks needed for living, working, and analyzing the world. You have the ability to upgrade your software, by consciously learning a new and enlightened method of thinking that unlocks your mind’s fullest potential. This method is called free-thinking; as opposed to the rigid, categorical thinking that is your default software.

This same method has been discovered, independently, by some of the world’s greatest minds—by leading lights as diverse as Albert Einstein, Abraham Maslow, and Bruce Lee. This book will teach you what that method is, and how you can acquire it—and how the author himself came to discover it through pursuing mastery in the discipline of poker. As an added bonus, it also reveals how the legendary martial artist, Bruce Lee, came to discover it by the same path.

By the end of this book, you’ll have learned one of the greatest secrets to human happiness, productivity, and self-actualization: the correct method of using your mind.