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Self-Discipline: How to Be More Productive & How to Build Good Habits (Personal Development Book)

Goal Setting, Self Esteem, Mental Health, Positive Thinking, How to Be Happy

Self-Discipline: How to Be More Productive & How to Build Good Habits (Personal Development Book)

Full Description

Have you ever experienced such periods of life when you feel that you are drowning, and trying desperately to keep afloat? You have just lifted your head over the water for a moment to take a sip of air, and the next moment you have plunged to depth again? Different situations and emotions make you feel a victim of a cruel world – and you think that this happens only to you?
It is seldom that everything in life goes according to our plans. However, hardships on our way serve as valuable lessons for our growth. The problems we face allow us to evaluate the victorious moments better and to look with the perspective of the beauty of these hard challenges. It is practically impossible to avoid problems with all the complexities of today’s life.
As a rule, we usually consider all forms of discomfort as something that should be prevented. However, this attitude only feeds our suffering. With our endless cycle of thoughts, we feed the situation emotionally, that is we create an unconscious cycle which doesn’t only paralyze us physically but also provides zero support in solving the existing problem.
We set some particular program already when we finish school because we need to enter the university immediately. Just after graduation from the university, we start making a career, even if we are not entirely satisfied with our choice of profession – we are just sorry for the time spent on education. We go to the work we do not like because we need to get money somehow. We go to the next step, then the next and the next one again, thinking that we fulfill the items on our plan. However, one day we feel disappointed. We feel exhausted. We feel like being pressed but don’t understand why.

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