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Serial Killer

Serial killer on the loose in Surrey

Serial Killer

Full Description

“Serial Killer”
“The dark, menacing new crime thriller from Chris Ward”
From the Author of the bestselling Bermondsey Thriller Trilogy
Bermondsey Trifle / Bermondsey Prosecco / Bermondsey the Final Act
Karen Foster has left the Metropolitan Police and Joined Surrey Police as a Detective Inspector working out of Epsom Police Station. Her partner Chau persuaded her to leave Bermondsey for a quieter life in leafy Surrey. Karen hopes she had left behind the bloody deaths, the horrific torture and the bloodthirsty gangsters.
Karen has a blissful introduction to Surrey policing and is enjoying the summer weather and the beautiful scenery. Then the unthinkable happens as a serial killer strikes and creates terror throughout Surrey.
Not only does Karen have to deal with the spate of gruesome deadly killings but she is also hunting a serving Surrey Police Officer who is part of a Paedophile ring.
Not a book for the faint hearted with grisly Murders, bloodcurdling torture and sensational graphic sex scenes.
An action packed page turner you will not be able to put down !

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