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Shadow’s Fall: New White Sands City Cyberpunk Book 1

Reality check. No one is as free as they think...

Shadow's Fall: New White Sands City Cyberpunk Book 1

Full Description

Raven’s not averse to a little heat; she’s got a reputation for being a tour guide who’s also a good-time girl and a killer. After a side hustle goes wrong, she’s on the clock to find a buyer for a stolen data core before the hunting mega-corp finds her. Routine really.
Until she realizes she’s holding the plans to a cyber enhanced plot. One that’s already working to change the order of corporate control into a one-man autocracy.
Raven’s confident she can kick ass and look great at the same time, but what happens when her new enemy knows more about her past than she does? Chemically blocked memories are clamoring to get free. There’s a reason she had her memories locked up. She’s beginning to think she’d prefer not to find out exactly why.
This time it’s not about earning a paycheck. For Raven, it’s about the illusion of freedom. And she’d rather have hers back, thank you very much…
Warnings for coarse language and high-octane violence.
New White Sands City Cyberpunk is a near-future science fiction series of interconnected standalone novels. Shadow’s Fall is the first book in the series. Sign up for the mailing list at to receive a free copy of the prequel novella.
“The world Bender builds is well thought out and reminiscent of William Gibson’s Bridge Trilogy with a splash of Mad Max. New White Sands is a place where futuristic technology intersects with people living on the edge. Its population can be both cut throat and fiercely loyal, adhering to rules spoken and unspoken.” –Michael Prelee, Author of Milky Way Repo ©2017