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The sound of a van approaching.... and Danny's life is changed forever!


Full Description

Eleven-year-old Danny Stone is brutally snatched from the street on his way home from school. He finds himself imprisoned in a semi-derelict building, alone, cold, hungry and terrified of what might happen to him. But in an unexpected turn of events he meets someone who will impact on the rest of his life. An unlikely friendship develops in the most difficult of situations, and a powerful, far reaching, bond is forged.
Danny’s parents, Martha and Richard, are thrust into an unimaginable nightmare. With their only child missing and a ransom demanded, will they be able to meet the kidnappers’ terms, or will their son be lost to them forever? And in this most distressing of situations, can their marriage survive the inevitable pressure they are under, or will secrets surface to test the strength of their union and their feelings for each other?

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