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SOTELLO: Private Detective (Ex FBI, Secret Service)

Action packed, political, humor

SOTELLO: Private Detective (Ex FBI, Secret Service)

Full Description

Jim Sotello, runs a detective agency out of Oakland, California with the help of his college age daughter and son. In the space of a few weeks time, the world he took for granted turns upside down. From an unexpectedly dangerous caseload, threatening his own family’s very existence, Sotello weaves his way into a run for the Governor’s Office of California on the Republican Party ticket. As he honestly professes his ultra-conservative views, Sotello shockingly enthralls the hearts and minds of the California voting public, making him into an overnight sensation.In Sotello’s campaign, he vows to form a steel wall against terrorist infiltration, and out of control illegal immigration across California’s porous borders and ports.

His soaring ascent, in the polls, brings his foes scurrying from their holes in an attempt to defeat Sotello, or remove him entirely. Between special interest groups, and foreign sponsored terrorists, Jim Sotello’s twelfth hour campaign becomes a roller coaster ride into danger. ©2017