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Souls by the Sea

How can a girl with no powers defeat the strongest witch in town?

Souls by the Sea

Full Description

On a dark Halloween night Burlie McLauren is kidnapped and held for ransom in a toy town made of dreams and memories. Somehow she must escape Fisk Iping, the criminal witch threatening her entire family. Fisk thinks a girl without a single spark of magic is helpless. He’s so painfully wrong!
SOULS BY THE SEA: an ongoing paranormal cozy series with an unexpected, but very effective, young heroine. A new start in a new town comes with new problems for the McLaurens. Souls by the Sea has a larger Dissimilar community than they’d like. Still, the monsters make for a great distraction until something, or someone, goes terribly wrong. Then Burlington ‘Burlie’ McLauren shows everyone what real strength looks like.

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