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Souls by the Sea

FREE paranormal urban fantasy

Souls by the Sea

Full Description

Kidnapped and held for ransom in a dream-town by the Witch Next Door, Burlie McLauren must fight her way back to reality. Her family, her beloved little sister, needs her. But Fisk Iping is powerful. He’s sure no broken, helpless girl can beat him. He’s wrong.
Souls by the Sea, an ongoing paranormal fantasy series (1,2, and 3 available) with an unexpected, but very effective, young heroine. The Great Recession has its hooks in the McLauren family. A new start in a new town comes with new problems, Souls by the Sea has a larger Dissimilar community than they would like. Still, the monsters make for a great distraction. Until something, or someone, goes terribly wrong. When that happens, Burlington ‘Burlie’ McLauren shows everyone what real strength looks like.

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