Spiritual Living for Busy People: How to Nourish Your Soul in Today’s Hectic World

In today’s frantically busy world, how can we find the time to live spiritually?

What does living spiritually mean, anyway? Why are we even here? What is the point of it all?

Spiritual Living for Busy People answers all of these questions, and many more. When you read this accessible, thought-provoking book, you will:

•Learn what it means to live spiritually, and why taking small breaks for spiritual refreshment can offer great benefits.
•See how you can live spiritually, without a significant investment of your time.
•Discover your purpose in life, your reason for being here.
•Find out how you can MAP IT FIRST, DUDE to find the path to fulfillment.
•Claim your power to create the life you want.
•Consider how obtaining inner peace can contribute to world peace.

Be at peace!

“José has so eloquently stated the way things are and should be! His book is marvelous and I loved reading every word of it. I recommend it to anyone who thinks for themselves!“
-Stewart Swerdlow, author of The Healer’s Handbook: A Journey into Hyperspace.