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A pulse-pounding sci-fi thriller origin story about a team of intergalactic bounty hunters.


Full Description

A brilliant inventor from a distant galaxy develops a device capable of time travel, only to be interrupted before he can test it. One of his passengers, Cane – a seemingly ordinary traveller with dreams of exploration – is actually the spawn of a genetically engineered race of humans. He is swept along on a journey across galaxies with the inventor to uncharted space, where they stumble upon their new crew.
Together, they will travel back to Federation space, and train along the way to become Starmen candidates. But do they have the mettle for it? Will fate continue to conspire so desperately against them? Or will they succeed in their mission? Saving Earth, and the galaxies, from a bloody war that will claim the lives of trillions.
With compelling male and female characters, Starmen is an action-packed, coming-of-age space opera series. Join them as they travel the vast reaches of corporate space aboard a starship, dealing with pirates, criminals, robots, and the mysterious grey alien race that has been systematically asserting its influence over Earth for the last century.
Become a Starman Deputy today, and help clean up the galaxies.

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