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Super Witch

A terrible witch? Well, FINE. She'll be a SUPERHERO instead!

Super Witch

Full Description

Lydia McLauren was going to be a great witch. She was going to cast spells, brew potions, and soar on a broomstick. But her teacher says she has no brains, no talent, and no hope. Well, FINE. If Lydia can’t be a proper witch like the other kids she’ll be a SUPERHERO instead! If only her magic would show up.
Join the Super Witch as she sets out on her exciting hero’s quest to save the day the best she can. And maybe she’ll even find the confidence to defeat a surprising, and dangerous, enemy.
WORD FROM THE AUTHOR: It ain’t Harry Potter vs the X-Men (though I’d totally read that) it’s one girl realizing that bullies can strike from anywhere and be ANYBODY. Little Lydia finds the strength to stand tall, without magic, in this light, humorous, and all inclusive ebook.

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