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Taking Leaps and Finding Ghosts: A Novel

Taking Leaps and Finding Ghosts: A Novel

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Dreams aren’t just for the young, and Ginny Lawther is happy to prove that even at the age of fifty-eight she can still brave a leap of faith…she just needs a little prodding from like-minded individuals. Step one: place an ad in the local newspaper inviting other dreamers to form an Ideal Life Club. Step two: see if anyone shows up.
When Ginny meets four hopeful strangers at the first club meeting, she thinks they’re off to a great start. Now it’s only a matter of time before the sixty-something widow Hilda, turns her crafting into a full-time career; the twenty-something Jerry becomes a professional musician; and the thirty-something housewife Lydia publishes her cookbook. That is, until the rugged divorcé, Lee, sets a goal to solve his ghost problem—and upends all their lives!
Suddenly the support group isn’t just trying to navigate the ups and downs of pursuing their dreams; they’re also wrestling with a strange cast of spirits who keep interrupting their endeavors.
What do these apparitions want? And why have they latched on to the Ideal Lifers?
Haunting, humorous, and hopeful read. Taking Leaps and Finding Ghosts sparks the imagination and breathes unexpected life into everyday reality.

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