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Taste and See

An Invitation to Read the Bible

Taste and See

Full Description

The Bible arguably contains the greatest stories of all time. It is the most-printed and most-distributed book in the world making it a must-read for all people. Taste and See is an interactive prequel to the Bible to help make it more accessible to anyone who has not read the Bible before.

Taste and See:
• Provides an overview of the main Bible story
• An introduction to 12 short sections of the Bible; 5 Old Testament readings
and 7 New Testament readings
• Identifies key themes found in the Bible and in the sections above
• Asks thought-provoking questions to open doors of spiritual discovery
• Encourages readers to take the first steps in a spiritual journey

Also available in French and Spanish!

What Readers Are Saying

“This little book is timely, lucid, engaging, witty and full of wisdom. It informs and inspires. It explores the big questions–at once personal and timeless.”
Gregg Finley, PhD Academic Dean
St. Stephen’s University

“It’s great to have a resource that is written intelligently for readers who may have little familiarity with the Bible. It invites questions, tries not to offer glib answers – and invites us to find our story in the story of God.”
Wendy Strachan, Children’s Worker

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