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The Betrayal of A Man

Love, Lost, and Betrayal

The Betrayal of A Man

Full Description

Book tells a story of love, loss and the invisible scars left behind by betrayal
Albany, GA – (Release Date March 10, 2010) – Once bitten, twice shy… When a woman falls in love and gets hurt, in time she would move on. But she will never heal from or forget The Betrayal of a Man. Author Tabitha R. Mathis weaves a web of love, betrayal and loss in a story that will captivate readers.
Dark skinned, pretty, and sexy Taquasia has long shiny black hair and hails from Miami, Florida—a city with the most beautiful beaches, the most exotic strip clubs and the best Caucasian food. The eldest of four children, she is best friends with Jaliya, Dre, and Tay. Taquasia was loved by many, but she only chose to love one. At the age of thirteen, she met a handsome, dark skinned guy named James. He was every young girl’s dream, including Taquasia’s.

When Taquasia met James on November 7, 1991, he told her that he was in high school. When he said he was eighteen years old, she believed him. He was so charming that he could make any girl believe anything he said. Taquasia only realized this too late when she was already head over heels in love with him. And then he betrayed her. Will she ever forgive James’ betrayal? Readers can find out as they discover the invisible scars left behind by The Betrayal of a Man.


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