THE BYGONE LIBRARY: The first book of the Sam and Mark series

ALEXANDRIA, 48 BC : Julius Caesar followed Pompey to Alexandria and saw the Library of Alexandria get destroyed in a fire.

GERMANY, 1945 : The head of the Nazi Archeological Division, Ahnenerbe, killed his wife and children and then committed suicide to keep a secret out of the hands of the Nazi party.

PRESENT DAY, LONDON : Sam, an Indian student of Archeology in Cambridge, witnesses the murder of his professor in a Cafe. Before his death, Professor Hedley tells Sam to find a notebook, a notebook connected to his deceased parents. This starts a chain of events that changed Sam’s life in an instant. Helped by an US MARSOC personnel and a beautiful young NSA Cryptologist, he races from London to India, from Denmark to Himalayas to find the truth behind the death of his parents and to complete their task of finding a lost secret.But he must do it before other forces get hold of the secret, a secret to unrivaled power.