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The Devil’s Due

A country at war. A man on the run. A woman left behind. Can an innocent man ever go home?

The Devil's Due

Full Description

Forced to abandon his name, his country and the woman he loves, Frank Kelleher vows to one day return. But what awaits him when he does?
Guilty of a crime he didn’t commit, IRA soldier Kelleher flees through the streets of war-torn Ireland with the British and the IRA trying to put a bullet in his head. Haunted by the fiancée he was forced to leave behind, by the deaths of three friends at his own hand, and by the country he was forced to abandon, he struggles to make his way in New York.
After a chance encounter leaves him bruised and shaken and a letter brings news about his fiancée, he realizes that he no longer has a choice. He sails home with dreams of finding Kathleen, putting his past behind him, and starting a new life.
With the country on the brink of war, Frank learns that his sins will not be easily forgiven, and that they will never be safe until he can clear his name.
If the looming war doesn’t kill him, trying to right the wrongs of his past just might.

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