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The End of Time trilogy


The End of Time trilogy

Full Description

WHAT WOULD YOU THINK IF THIS HAPPENED TO YOU? You go to sleep one night and are instantly transported to Medieval England where you witness the barbaric acts of a Medieval queen. Later you find that you are stuck in the 16th century. After finding out that due to an experiment that went wrong, you swap bodies with a person of the opposite sex. Later still, you find that you are witnessing the installation of a guillotine that is being prepared to end the life of someone very dear to you. You then find that you have been possessed by an evil entity.
In the next part of your journey whist you are coming to terms with being possessed, you are transported against your will, to the 13th century where you are subjected to humiliation and torture for being mistaken as a witch.
After returning to the 21st century, you think you have acquired the powers that will enable you to travel back and forth through time, but once again you find you are trapped in a time warp where very weird things begin to occur which convinces you that you are insane. Your only way out, is to board a time travel train that takes you through virtual hell before you visit the past residence of the author of the trilogy. All this, and much more in the End of Time Trilogy.


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