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The Eternal Dream

Based on a true story

The Eternal Dream

Full Description

Throughout the fall of the Weimar Republic and the rise of Nazi Germany, Walter Baum, a slight young man with a stout heart and lofty ideals, never loses sight of what he values most: the love of his wife and children. As a Jewish sociologist in post–World War I Germany, Walter watches with dread as friends and family either become members of the Brownshirts or fall victim to them. His marriage to Caroline, a like-minded Protestant, causes family estrangements and forces Walter, Caroline, and their two children to try to flee from the catastrophic events that engulf Europe during the Second World War. When prospects for survival become bleak, Caroline’s prophetic dream provides a ray of hope for the family. Kirkus Reviews calls The Eternal Dream: “A captivating story of fortitude, family bonds and hope against all odds.”


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