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The Gangster’s Son

WIll a cop's desperate secret keep a killer from justice?

The Gangster's Son

Full Description

Love and Murder in Tokyo
A young, beautiful and popular waitress at the Down Low Jazz Club is in love with a US Marine Lance Corporal. But her parents demand that she break up with the GI.
The night she finally ends their romance she’s found dead in an alley, and the Marine is nowhere to be found.
Tokyo Police Inspector Shig Sato gets the case, and knows that with the an American Marine as a murder suspect, he must keep a firm hand on the investigation to prevent what could become a serious international incident from getting out of control.
What’s worse for Sato, some evidence points to the club’s owner, the son of a notorious yakuza crime figure Sato has known since childhood. No one knows Sato is indebted to the crime boss for help in solving a case many years before. As the stakes get higher, Sato is sure his underworld ties will not only force him to lose the case but ruin his career.
Will a debt to a yakuza boss keep Inspector Sato from bringing a killer to justice?


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