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The Girl Next Door

Sexy Max was the object every womans sexual fanatsies, but it was the girl next door that caught his eye

The Girl Next Door

Full Description

Ruby Meyers is a perfectly ordinary girl next door. She works as a waitress to fund her college business degree, and lives in her parents’ home, housesitting while they tour America. Romantic drama has no place in her life – until the handsome and charismatic businessman Max moves in next door. This man has graced the cover of magazines, so is it any wonder that despite his reputation for one night stands, Ruby is overcome with her sexual attraction? She never considered a contemporary adult romance with a billionaire before, but when Max offers her the opportunity of a lifetime – to travel with him to Paris as his personal assistant – her dreams of romance with one of the most eligible men on the planet may finally come true.
Max Wardman, fresh from the romantic drama of his disastrous marriage is happy to be free. The head of an internationally renowned company, the perks of his position include no-strings-attached romance and sex almost every day of the week. He knows he’s quite the catch for any woman wanting a contemporary adult romance with a billionaire. So when he meets Ruby, the unassuming girl next door, he is surprised by his sexual attraction to her. When he decides to take her to Paris as his personal assistant, he tells himself that it is purely a business arrangement, but after he rescues Ruby from the unwelcome advances of one of his investors, he realizes he may be in deeper than he realized, and the two embark on the most intense, passionate sexual relationship that either has ever experienced.

But Max’s ex-wife is back on the scene, ready to stir up romantic drama, hell bent on winning back her famous ex and his fortune. Will the fledging relationship between Ruby and Max survive the machinations of the deceitful Christine, or will time prove that all the young couple had going for them was the blindingly passionate adult erotica that brought them together in the first place?


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