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The Lord Jesus Healed Me

When Tony Myers developed an unknown neurological disorder that closely resembled ALS, he was certain nothing could help—that is, until Jesus healed him.

The Lord Jesus Healed Me

Full Description

Tony Myers’s life was defined by rebellion, drugs, and drinking. For many years he acted as if were invincible. But one day, life finally caught up with him in the form of an unknown neurological disease that doctors thought could be ALS.
Paralyzed, wheelchair bound, and convinced he was quickly approaching death, Myers felt he had nowhere left to turn—until he accepted Christ into his life.
The Lord Jesus Healed Me is an inspiring story of one man’s journey from life as an atheist to finding Jesus in his heart. Myers welcomes readers into the story of his life, from childhood to adulthood. Through his wild teenage years to his military career, Myers led a life in pursuit of earthly pleasures.
But when the neurological disorder began to erode his health, Myers turned toward matters of faith. Ultimately, it was this choice that changed his life forever—and healed him.

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