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The Masked Emotions Boxset

One Decision, that's all it took and everything changed!

The Masked Emotions Boxset

Full Description

Enjoy the Award Nominated Series, Masked Emotions, in its entirety and experience Dom 241!
Being stuck in the friend zone was bad. Being stuck in the friend zone while being her Dom is downright torturous. Enzio Salazar who by day is a psychology major who mostly keeps to himself, but by night is the demanding and alluring masked Dom 241, whom to many, he is considered to be the best in the business. Nothing intimidates him. Nothing, except for Lana Matthews, Enzio’s best friend, and the love of his life.
One evening, Lana enters the BDSM club called the Looking Glass and wins an evening with the masked Dom and it awakens something within her and there was something about him that she just couldn’t shake off. The Masked Dom unlocked a carnal desire within her and she just can’t stop thinking about him. One day Lana discovered that Enzio dabbled in S&M and they have a strange, yet, intimate moment. So Lana decided to ask Enzio to be her Dom, but non-sexual. Reluctantly, Enzio agreed.
Could the two of them keep their arrangements or will they give into their hidden desire for one another?

Book Genre ©2017