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The mind of a Medium

A journey into consciousness and mediumship

The mind of a Medium

Full Description

If you’ve read my first book, Fifty-one percent you will know I’ve had many psychic and paranormal encounters. In that book I explored how scientific theories can seem as bizarre as paranormal and psychic phenomena. Now, in The mind of a medium, I take a look at consciousness, to my mind the most fascinating subject the world has to offer. I believe consciousness gives me the connections I receive in my mediumship and so I couldn’t start this second book without writing what I have learned.
I also share practical experiences of spiritual circles I attended to develop my mediumship. I give guidance as to what sort of circle may best suit an individual and detail the different techniques various tutors use.
I also share some of my strange paranormal experiences and a totally shocking encounter.
So join me as my journey into Mediumship continues.

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