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The Moral Premise

The Moral Premise

Full Description

This e-book discusses the single most important thing any writer or storyteller needs to know about when they create a new story: i.e., how to create a compelling moral component to the story. The moral premise is essential for a story to be successful. If you don’t have a moral component, you don’t have a story–you have something else. The moral component of any story is so important that if you learn nothing else about story structure or story development, other than this one idea, you will be light years ahead of 99.9 percent of other writers. Learn how to create a moral component in all your stories and never worry about boring your readers again!
In this e-book you will learn:
–How master the three building blocks of every moral premise
–How to avoid creating passive protagonists
–How to always create proactive and interesting protagonists
–How to assure every story you write will have depth and drama
–What “moral” really means and how to use this to create powerful stories
Get more e-book excerpts from “Anatomy of a Premise Line,” by Jeff Lyons, at www.jefflyonsbooks.com.

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