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The Power of Miracles and Blessings

Achieve Spiritual Growth, Transformation and Maturity

The Power of Miracles and Blessings

Full Description

In this book, the author reveals different ways to receive miracles and blessings from God. You will learn one key benefit, which can rob you of your miracles and blessings, if stolen by the enemy. You will understand why the salvation of an individual is the greatest miracle ever performed in the history, present and future of mankind.
Jimi shares a personal testimony, which validates that blessings and miracles can actualize through positive declarations. You will understand that every human’s God-given destiny has a miracle attached to it.
You will realize how God communicates with you before He performs any earth-shaking miracle or blessing in your life. When you believe that blessings are not meant for only you and other believers, but also for unbelievers, there will be a sense of meaning in your life.

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