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The Reunion

It all started with an invitation to Michael’s high school reunion.

The Reunion

Full Description

It is the fear of separation from everything she loves that brings Allison Bannister to the beach. She stops on the steps that lead down to the ocean. She is alone. The sun is setting behind her; the tide is rushing in, and dark water is licking at the bottom step. Off to the north, the lights of Charleston shine into the evening sky. To the south, a star twinkles as darkness descends on the barrier islands. Light and dark; good and evil. Reconciliation is not in the cards.
Allison shivers. How easy it would be to walk out into
a charge the ocean. Her winter clothes would take on water and weigh her down. When she went under, her body would turn cold, her lungs would fill with water, and all of her troubles would end.
It all started with an invitation to Michael’s high school reunion.
“Wouldn’t it be wonderful,” he asks as the reunion winds down, “if you could crawl through a worm hole and find yourself in high school, again?”
Over the next few weeks, Allison attempts to cope with the strange things that happen as Michael “crawls though the worm hole,” and morphs back into the person he was thirty years earlier, setting in motion events which disrupt their lives and tear the couple apart.
As Michael spends long hours in his new art studio, Allison feels rejected and begins to build a life of her own. Before long, Michael and Allison, a couple who seldom spent time apart, rarely spend time together. They both feel neglected, and each blames the other. A long separation, the unexpected appearance of Michael’s college girlfriend, an unplanned rendezvous, and of adultery threaten to end their marriage forever – and Allison finds herself alone on the beach.
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