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The Road behind Me (the Lie of Hannah)

A story of lost love and a cross country adventure, all during the time of Nixon, Woodstock and Vietnam

The Road behind Me (the Lie of Hannah)

Full Description

The chance meeting with a long-ago lover and the realization that all was not as it seemed inspired author RjCook to write the painful memoir of his broken heart, “The Road behind Me: (the Lie of Hannah)”.

“If a reader has ever loved and lost, he or she will understand the book’s appeal,” RjCook says. “Life is a continuance of surprises. Despair and painful memories are often dictated by what the mind is recalling and not what the heart actually knows.”

“The Road behind Me” is a story of a young man trying to understand love and purpose, all during the time of free love, peace, Woodstock, Nixon and Vietnam. It is a memoir of a young mand and a cross-country relocation, only to discover distance does nothing to diminish the hurt of a broken heart. Lastly, it is a story of the adventures encountered on the journey across the United States and a late-in-life epiphany after living life based on a single deception for the better part of 40 years.

“The book reflects a much freer, more open time in our society, before the onslaught of the tight-minded regulatory thinking that exists today,” RjCook says. “It details a period in our history before the world was overcast with the likes of the Internet, cell phones, tablets … a much larger world because a person’s vision only reached as far as he could see.”


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