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The Sacred Mirror

New book release. Do you know what's Japan's best kept secret?

The Sacred Mirror

Full Description

A priest of a Japanese imperial shrine dies under mysterious circumstances. The dead poem he wrote leads to a American professor William Sandwell who claims his innocence is taken by the police for investigation. Carvings onto the body and the disappearance of Japan’s most important myth-surrounded relics, a mythological mirror points into the direction of a brutal robbery.
Forced by the Kunaicho, Japan’s most powerful organization, he starts a search for the relic. Joining him in his adventure through Japan is a gifted half Japanese, half English archaeologist, Catherine Yamazaki. Together, assisted by a police officer of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police District they discover a trail of evidence that starts in the Inner Sanctuary of the shrine. Finally the search leads to the arrest of the thieves and the unveiling of Japan’s best kept secret.
Let yourself being carried away in this revealing, fact-based story full of suspense that keeps you fascinated from the start to the end.

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