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The Scottish Gregor Family Story Collection

The indomitable Gregor family endures through three centuries!

The Scottish Gregor Family Story Collection

Full Description

An eclectic collection of historical fiction that consists of three short stories and a novelette. The collection traces lines of the Gregor (MacGregor) family of Scotland from the 1700s to present. The family experiences various historical events as they travel westward from North Carolina to Tennessee, Arkansas, and New York.

The novelette, “The Secret of the Red Pine Box,” is a special bonus to baseball fans of all ages. A mysterious red pine box is discovered in a storage area in Yankee Stadium and the contents could impact the history of baseball and the new Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Cooperstown, NY. This novelette relates the progression of Cal Gregor from Little Rock high school and Moose Lodge baseball to the Yankees Organization and his involvement with the red pine box and the Village of Cooperstown.


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