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The Six and the Crystals of Ialana

Young Adult Fantasy Adventure Series

The Six and the Crystals of Ialana

Full Description

Six unwilling young adventurers from different locations on the continent of Ialana, brought together by shared dreams and circumstances, search for a crystal that was lost 500 years ago. As their memories begin to unfold, they encounter many dangers that threaten their lives at every turn.

Jarah, a baker’s son, is unhappy with his lot in life and yearns for more; Adain, his friend and fellow captive; Tristan, the soldier who has many skills that help them on their quest; Kex, the young girl who is on the run from a forced marriage; Tegan, the girl who is able to speak to animals, and Djana—a girl from Rhiannon who is able to find her way in the maze of tunnels where they search for the crystal.

The Six stumble upon a mentor, the shape-shifter named Irusan. Irusan begins their education by showing them that his seemingly magical powers are only an understanding of the universal field of consciousness that is available to everyone. Irusan prepares them for the next stage of the arduous journey they must now undertake in order to not only find the crystal, but also the legendary island of Mu’A.

Their enemies are numerous: Eglog, a recruiter and vicious Captain of King Brenin’s army, is hot on their trail; Amrafalus, the reptilian ruler of Rhiannon who covets all crystals he can turn into weapons, and the many mutant species that inhabit Ialana who consider anything that moves as potential food. Not only that, they must find a traitor in their midst.

Will the Six accomplish their mission that was begun so long ago, or will they fail—again?


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