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The Stone Wall Crossing: Abby Whittier’s Journey Through Time

Romance, time travel and a twist of fate find Abby Whittier when she moves to New England.

The Stone Wall Crossing: Abby Whittier's Journey Through Time

Full Description

“I’ve waited more than a year to write down the details of what I experienced…I have no explanation for what happened to me. I only know that it did.”
Growing up in Las Vegas, Abby Whittier, a pretty and popular high school student, has been enjoying life with her friends and family. But her father’s transfer to New England alters her life in ways she never could have imagined. The mysterious discovery in a centuries-old stone wall, deep in the forest near her new home, alters her life and leads Abby into New England’s Colonial past…into another world and the danger predicted by a seaside fortune-teller. This is Abby Whittier’s travel journal–the diary of a young woman finding romance in the present and in the past–and her inner conflict to make the choice that will lead to her one true love.

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