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The Ultimate Fashion Guide for Women

Learn how to choose clothes and accessories that flatter best YOUR personality!

The Ultimate Fashion Guide for Women

Full Description

All women want to feel beautiful and attractive. No exception.
We all gaze at the gorgeous models we see in magazines or on TV, (secretly) envying them and wishing we looked as good.

The beautiful clothes, that outline all the best features of the models, the combination of clothes types, fabric and patterns – always so dreamy.
But looking great shouldn’t be something so hard to get and women shouldn’t regard this aspect as a Sci-Fi phenomenon that requires extraordinary genetic inheritance or a special fashion power.

Viewing fashion in this manner has lead to many women giving up on fashion and on the idea of looking and feeling great by wearing something nice.
They just settle with whatever look they can get by throwing on different pieces of clothing that separately are quite attractive, but don’t result in a desirable outfit when combined.
Either this or trying to copy an outfit seen on someone, somewhere, regardless if it suits our figure or not, is the consequence of women having no awareness of fashion rules.

The truth is that many women tend to ignore these rules for various reasons.But another truth is that we do not need to know an entire rule code to dress right, we just need to be aware of the fashion basics, a few simple guidelines that can transform anyone from a fashion nightmare into a head-turning appearance.

The good news is you can always rely on the right clothes and accessories in order to make you look and feel beautiful.You just need to find the ones that accentuate your best features and conceal what you like to hide.
Also, it is very important to choose those clothes and accessories that best reflect your personality.

Don’t be a slave to fashion who pays attention only to what designers and trend setters dictate. You must choose, from the variety of trends and styles out there, the ones that really describe you and your way of being”.

The Ultimate Fashion Guide for Women will help you solve all your fashion puzzles, covering the most important fashion related aspects :

– Fashion trends from the 1920s until the 2000s
– Fashion personality types
– Face shapes and necklines that flatter each shape
Types of necklines and the facial features they highlight
– Types of tops for women
– Common types of jackets, sweaters and coats
– Types of skirts and pants and how they can balance your body proportions
– Types of dress silhouettes and the body shapes they complement
– Body sizes, shapes and skin tones
– How to emphasize your best features, while concealing your flaws

This enumeration alone is a hint about just how complete this fashion guide book is.

It contains useful and comprehensive information for any teen or woman who wants to change the way they perceive fashion.

There are plenty of reasons that make The Ultimate Fashion Guide for Women a must have:

– It is clear and concise
– It has a logic structure that is easy to follow
– It contains essential information about types of clothing
– It offers quality information about body size, figure, face shape, skin tone etc.
– The tips and tricks are easy to apply
– It offers solutions for specific problems
– Its information is suitable for both teens and women

Don’t take our word for it and see for yourself.

Don’t miss the chance to further improve your fashion knowledge and skills.

Because, after all, fashion is not a gift given only to a few chosen ones, it is a skill, one that you can acquire in time by learning just a few things that have proven to be essential in creating your desired appearance.


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