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Theirs to Have

Ackerman Security Series - Book 2

Theirs to Have

Full Description

In a world where they’d been partnered up since they were young boys, they thought their lives would intertwine with the love of a good woman between them. Little did they know Fate had something else in mind.

Jake, a former soldier who never lost his cowboy ways. His Texas heritage is written in everything he does, but will that charm hold out for one fiery red-headed nurse that has struck him dumb from the moment he first laid eyes on her?

Stefan, a former soldier who has worked hard to keep his cowboy side in check, not because he’s embarrassed by it, but because he left that life behind when he joined the ranks. Now, one woman threatens to bring him to his knees and that rough and ready cowboy threatens to emerge once again.

Natalya and Cayla, twin sisters who have been on their own from the moment they lost their mother, both living their own lives until a twist of Fate brought them together into a world they didn’t know existed. ©2017