Through My Eyes

Donald Pelowski is on the lowest rung of the high school popularity ladder. A brilliant but lonely nobody, his short stature and strange looks cause him to be repeatedly bullied and tormented by his peers. His misery is so strong, not even the comfort and sweet embrace of his family is enough to stop the pain. He longs for a kindred spirit to relate to and give him the comfort and strength he needs to carry on.

Jessica Garrett is the most popular girl in school. As the tall, blonde, gorgeous star cheerleader, she has many friends and admirers, and maintains a lofty reputation in school. However, her personal life is a living Hell—she is constantly dogged and harassed by a scorned ex-boyfriend, and her father abuses her regularly and without mercy. Like Donald, she longs for the presence of another person in her life, one to whom she can relate, lower her happy facade around, and help her cast aside her feelings of inadequacy and fear.

While sharing similar personal struggles, no two people could be more different. Despite that, the two strike up an unlikely friendship in the face of disapproving societal norms. Donald, having been in love with Jessica since the fifth grade, is overjoyed at having the girl of his dreams as his first real friend. Jessica discovers things about Donald that nobody ever bothered to learn, and feels he is undeserving of the hate he receives. They both vow to always protect and comfort each other.

Many twists and turns occur as a result of their friendship, including Donald’s sudden need for revenge, Jessica’s father’s rage reaching murderous levels, and a situation unlike any other that will give Jessica and Donald a chance to bond more deeply. Will they remain close in the face of hardships? Will Jessica have the loyal, true friend she was promised? Will their bond grow into the love Donald has been searching for? There’s always a chance, if the two can see the world through one another’s eyes.