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Travesty of Justice

A drama romance , that will pull at your heartstrings, and keep you turning the pages.

Travesty of Justice

Full Description

Travesty of Justice
By Heather Butler
Samuel, a strong black African man, and Nicole, a beautiful white Nova Scotian woman, with a rare mystical insight. They meet in the year of 1999 in the city of Halifax, a small university town in the heart of Nova Scotia. It was from the first moment that they met each other. They both began to look with different eyes at the world they lived in. They live in a society with a subtle bias towards interracial relationships, where the general population has been torn with racial tension for centuries. They struggled with discrimination, and are facing too many obstacles. Samuel now a medical doctor, is working hard to gain access to his chosen profession, he knocks on many different doors asking for just one chance, to demonstrate his capabilities as a qualified doctor, but his efforts and knocks go unanswered.
When they appeal to their government for help and intervention; it is then that they face the real heart of the problem; they will discover a conspiracy, which will nearly destroy their lives. As Samuel and Nicole work hard, to overcome the injustice that is thrown at them. Samuel realizes he is out of time, and the secret he buried for years from Nicole, can no longer be hidden. This true-life travesty of justice, will allow you to see two people, their minds, their hearts, and hear their cries, as they fight for courage and strength, in a place that goes to extraordinary measures to deny them access. This deeply moving romance, drama, will pull at your heart strings, with the turn of every page.

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