Treasured Dreams: The Rivers Brothers Book 3

He never thought he’d love again.
She gave up waiting for him to notice her.

Rescued as a baby by the Chief of the Shoshoni tribe, Kimani is raised on protected land owned by the River’s Family. Raised with the Indians and nourished by the River’s family she is taught the ways of both worlds. The five River’s brothers see her as a little sister, but her heart feels differently when she looks at Harris. After years of waiting and hoping he would notice her, she gives up and travels with her tribe to the Spring Tribal. It’s a time of excitement and new beginnings. A time where matches are made, and new bonds are formed.

Dr. Harris Rivers is unsettled by his growing attraction to Kimani. He loved his wife and guilt pushes him away from her. He’s caring for the troops at an Army base near his family ranch when a dying soldier last words chill him. “It was a massacre… none were spared… except her… green eyes…”

Kimani is lost. Injured and hunted by those who are supposed to protect. It will take all her skills to survive. Harris is a driven man, determined to save her. Nothing will stop him.
Not the blizzard, not the wolf, not even the U. S. Army.