Truly Love Me

Truly Love Me is about finding the meaning of true love, which I have been searching for since I was a little girl. The truelove energy is unshakable; it’s attainable with much patience, trust, determination, faith, and wisdom. It has created amazing miracles in my life, and I am grateful to Divine Love as He created me. The journey has helped me evolve in many levels, helping me to understand and accept the inner part of living life lovingly and joyfully. In the moments of depression, loneliness, and many attempts of committing suicide, an amazing, phenomenal night led me to find the meaning of true love within. It changed my life 180 degrees. It was a point of time where Divine Love moved me to an unconditionally loving, living being. I am absolutely sure that this book can lead and inspire those facing challenges or looking for answers in life. The sharing of Truly Love Me inspires acceptance and empowers the existence of true love within. I believe it is a useful guideline to empower self love.